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Health Direct Response

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  1. Jidue

    Jidue is the ultimate way to get to sleep. In just 5 easy minutes, you can destress and relax after a busy day, and ward off the effects of staring at TV, phone and tablet screens all day. We blended the pitch with a modern approach to the ancient practices of massage and acupuncture. Combined with the star power of Forbes Riley, we got a strong response that we were able to partner with ICTV on to bring Jidue to the masses.

  2. New Age Massager

    New Age Massager give you the same therapy you get at your doctors office in a portable package you can use at home. This spot focuses on the therapeutic benefits New Age Massager provides. Good creative and a strong message rewarded our clients with a low CPO that enabled the New Age Massager to roll out to a larger audience.

  3. Booty Slide (2 Minute Version)

    Who doesn't love this name?!!! Fitness expert Rebecca Kordecki came to us hat in hand after another production company (a very large tremendously successful company) couldn't make her concept work. Needless to say, now there are hundreds of thousands of booties standing higher and tighter due to this Bluewater runaway hit! Combiming the power of slide training with yoga, pilates and aerobics, Booty Slide creates a workout you've never seen before. This shortform version of Booty Slide is what really kicked up sales...and landed it in the top 50 multiple months in a row.

  4. JACKRACK (2 Minute Version)

    The short form version of JACKRACK. JACKRACK combines fitness guru Kim Lyons and MMA legend, "JACKRACK Iceman," Chuck Liddell. A fantastic melding of body weight resistance and traditional weight lifting, JACKRACK is intened to appeal to both males and females. Two unique rustic sets with fire and rain, as well as a full MMA ring provide the perfect backdrop for this winning show. Seven levels of inversion. Eighty body sculpting positions. Over 150 exercises. JACKRACK gives you the ultimate workout.

  5. Omega P3

    Chronic inflammation has become an epidemic, with doctors and scientists linking this growing problem to everything from heart disease, pain...even cancer. A byproduct of our on the go, American diet, Dr. Larry May shows us how Omega P3 Premium Fish Oil can help us to avoid chronic inflammation brought on by our lifestyle. Designed to look like a typical news or interview show, this show was created to look more like traditional programing on the channels we targeted the media buy for...helping bridge viewers from programming on those channels to our advertisement.

  6. Nail Active

    Nail Active solves the pain and embarrassment of yellowed and cracked nails. This product was a little non-traditional for direct response, but we met the challenge head on with a spot that delivered awesome response and great continuity turn. This helped our marketing partner push Nail Active into retail stores and set it up for long term success.