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Health Direct Response

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  1. MyTrak

    This amazing device is a virtual personal why not build a virtual set? A great example of engaging virtual set work and touching personal success stories designed to show you that anyone can loose weight...with the help of MyTrak.

  2. Dub

    Live the Dub nutrition lifestyle. Dub simplifies the nutritional supplement confusion and makes it easy for you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. Multiply that with an opportunity to build a business that can provide residual income, Dub shows us a powerful way to change our lives.

  3. Thunderstick

    America's personal trainer Tony Little brings us the fast, easy way to loose weight and eat healthy...the Thunderstick. The ultra powerful, handheld blender instantly powers a quad blade food processor to speed up prep time and help you eat clean. Tony shares with viewers his favorite recipes and users share with us their incredible weight loss stories.

  4. Energy Xcentric

    Do you need more energy? Energy Xcentric brings you 8 hours of energy in an easy to take pill. The patented capsule in capsule technology gives you an even, time released energy boost with out the jitters of energy drinks. We took Energy Xcentric to the streets to find out what shoppers thought after trying our product for the first time.

  5. GIAS

    From the legendary team at Body by Jake comes GIAS, transforming any shoe into a gym. Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the U.S., so we focused on it's ability to transform your walking into a full body workout. Now it doesn't matter where you are, if you've got a shoe, you've got a gym!

  6. Power Plank

    Power Plank takes the ancient yoga plank pose to the next level. Incorporating motion into the plank move, you not only get an incredible ab workout, but cardio as well so you can take your physique to the next level.