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Health Direct Response

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  1. Celsius

    We take you on a journey through the history of low calories beverages, and then introduce you to the future: Celsius...the only negative calorie beverage on the market.

  2. Absolo

    Take the 90 second challenge on the Absolo and you won't just feel the results, you'll see the results. We bring this gym quality machine directly into your home.

  3. ZapCap

    The fast way to transform your ordinary bottle of water into a blast of energy, without the calories and sugar. Simply pop the cap and shake, ZapCap makes sure you get the most of the vitamins and minerals by allowing you to make it fresh, when you need it during a workout, or just to give you that mid-day boost. Featuring the star power of Ken Griffey Jr and Steve Smith, when you need a boost, you need a ZapCap.

  4. FullFast

    The secret to not over eating is FullFast. Just a simple spray will help control cravings. Targeted directly at a female audience, this spot shows viewers that they can know when to say when...with FullFast.

  5. TechnoPower

    Kim Lyons and Nancy Kerrigan bring us the European workout sensation....TechnoPower's VibroPower. With the power to burn up to 300 calories in just 10 minutes, we hear from astronauts and professional athletes how the VibroPower can help you reach your fitness goals now!

  6. Xtensor

    Xtensor helps you take the pain and stiffness out of your tired hands. Designed to stretch your hands in the opposite direction that your hands are usually worked...the Xtensor helps everyone from guitarists to those with carpal tunnel eliminate hand stiffness and pain.