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Health Direct Response

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  1. TechnoPower (Short-Form)

    Short-form version of the TechnoPower VibroPower spot. Kim Lyons and Nancy Kerrigan bring us the European workout sensation....TechnoPower's VibroPower. With the power to burn up to 300 calories in just 10 minutes, we hear from astronauts and professional athletes how the VibroPower can help you reach your fitness goals now!

  2. FullFast (60 Second Version)

    Short version of the FullFast spot. Just a simple spray will help control cravings. Targeted directly at a female audience, this spot shows viewers that they can know when to say when...with FullFast.

  3. Energy Xcentric (60 Second Version)

    The 60 second version of Energy Xcentric. We took Energy Xcentric to the streets to find out what shoppers thought after trying our product for the first time.